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Betrayal are a Metal band dedicated to bringing back something that is so lacking in today’s metal – Big Riffs! Huge Melodies! and songs the audience can connect with and remember! Founded in 2005 by twin brothers Carlo Caci, John Caci,Phil Wright and Matt Lane, Betrayal are influenced by all the bands you grew up listening to and their third album entitled ‘Everything is Backwards’ will be out soon.

Betrayal have been gigging, recording and honing their craft for 13 years together and have created a unique live show which keeps the audience entertained as the band move from metal genre to genre from brutal technical modern songs to hard edge heavy metal stompers to instrumental solo’s to soulful blues songs.

Betrayals first album ‘Stick to the Promise’ recorded in 2014 featured the cage fighting anthem ‘Full Contact Contender’ which is the official theme for MMA cage fighting brand ‘Full Contact Contender’, Betrayal have had their tracks used as entrance music by Pro MMA cage fighters and used on Sky Sports TV. Betrayals involvement with the Bodybuilding, Cage Fighting and the Sports Supplement industry makes them unique in that they regularly gig  inside gyms and at Body building seminars.

Betrayal  released their second album in 2016 entitled ‘Black Magic Whore’, which features the music videos ‘And Now You’re a Slave’ and ‘Vatican City Burns’


Betrayal Everything is backwards album cover



Black Magic Whore 2016

Stick to the Promise 2014


Carlo Caci – betrayalband@outlook.com – 07505890035


Vatican City Burns


And Now Your a Slave


I Feel So Helpless (Lyric Video)



betrayal logo white background


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